Saturday, April 9, 2016

Pitch Patch Potch

Things I'm thinking about but time is tight to write fully about it.

I grew up a Lakers fan. Loved the Lakers. Then Kobe came along. I never cared for his selfish, arrogant, ghetto thug, street ball and selfish play. I'll go on to say I hate Kobe Bryant.
Now he's finally retired. People in LA call him God. The best Laker ever. No way!
I'm glad he's gone. Bye Felicia!

I hate this pitch count business in baseball. Major League front offices think a pitchers arm will fall off after a 100 pitches.
I've never been a pitcher, but I think the best way to alleviate arm problems is to throw everyday. No harm done. Just don't throw so hard on the days a pitcher is not scheduled to pitch. Tone and strengthen the arm. Get out and throw!

The Golden State Warriors won their 73rd game on Wednesday. I said in October they would go 73-9 or 74-8. Looks like I know what I'm talking about!
I'm still not impressed. Win 16 more!

The Kings are a bleeping mess. Cancerous locker room. Biggest cancer on that team is DeMarcus Cousins. He's a coach killer plain and simple.
The Kings think success is awaiting them at the brand new Golden 1 Center next season.
I don't think so. It will be more of the same, except fans will be paying more to see bad basketball.

George Karl got screwed, thrown under the bus and had the finger of blame pointed at him. It's not all his fault. He didn't have much to work with. He had to deal with a meddling owner and a clueless GM. Cancer spreads. It spread from the owners office to the locker room.
Too bad....

Vin Scully just had his 67th Opening Day behind the microphone.
What a career he's had. Most people work until age 65 till they retire. He's had the same job for 67 years!
He's not as sharp as he used to be, but he's still a legend. Whenever I think of Mr. Scully, I think of my childhood trying to get the Dodgers on the radio. I would get a faint signal from KVEG in Las Vegas. For a few minutes I could hear Mr. Scully call a game and paint a picture in my mind of how the game was progressing.
He was a grandfather and favorite uncle rolled into one. I've always loved one of his catchphrases, "Pull up a chair, plenty of baseball coming your way!"
I'm going to enjoy his final season as much as I can!

The LA Rams traded for the #1 pick in the upcoming NFL draft.
Growing up a LA Rams fan, they've always made bad decisions about roster personnel. It's like they're given two options. Option A, the best option or Option B, the worst option.
They always go with the worst option. They'll blow this pick on a future draft bust.

That's all for now. Thanks for reading!

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