Saturday, March 19, 2016

Who Takes Their Kid To Work Everyday?

Adam LaRoche retired suddenly the other day. He said it was a family issue.
Was there a close family member with an illness? Was he sick?
The reason? He couldn't bring his 14 year old son to the club everyday.
It's been a long standing tradition to have your kids in the clubhouse on occasion.
LaRoche felt everyday was ample enough.
Now, I worked in a baseball clubhouse. It's kind of a frat house. It's a private sanctuary for players to relax and unwind. Everything a player can ever need is in the clubhouse. Food, sleep area, TV, ping pong table, ice cream parlor. I mean each clubhouse is different with the amenities, but you get my point.
There's a sign in every clubhouse that says, "What you see here, what you hear here, what you say here, let it stay here."
Jim Bouton wrote a book about life inside a Major League clubhouse and was practically blackballed from baseball.
It's a place where boys will be boys. Lots of immature behavior goes on in there.
Tim McCarver once mentioned guys walking naked up to the spread table and someone's privates rubbing up against the food. "Cock in the clamdip" or "Charlie running up against the coldcuts".
So saying all this, the Major League clubhouse isn't a place for a 14 year old boy to be at EVERYDAY!
It's great LaRoche wants to spend time with his son, but there are limits. White Sox president Ken Williams told LaRoche to dial it back a bit. He even went on to say half the time was too much.
So LaRoche retired and is now walking away from  $13 million.
Now there's a war of words going on. White Sox manager Robin Ventura has to right the ship. It's not even his problem.
The clubhouse is in chaos. Normally a prima donna can destroy a clubhouse.
The clubhouse was destroyed by a 14 year old boys access to the clubhouse. Funny thing is, he's the most mature person in this situation.

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