Thursday, March 31, 2016

Everyone Loves A Winner

Last night I attended the Sacramento River Cats and San Francisco Giants game at Raley Field in Sacramento. It was considered a historic game because it was the first time the Giants played in Sacramento.
Raley Field holds about 14,000. I think there was more than 14,000 in the place.
Walking through the concourse was like walking through a maze. Constant changing of direction as to avoid bumping into someone.
The lines for food and beer were ridiculously long. I haven't seen a crowd this big since the first year the River Cats came to town. Needless to say, I didn't eat or drink anything.
I've been to Raley Field when Major League teams came to play, and the crowds were manageable. Everyone was comfortable and has plenty of space.
Yesterday was a disaster. It turned into an AT&T Bandwagon Fan party. No one sat down to watch the game. It was everyone up and down, standing in the aisles, blocking the view.
It got me to thinking about how different crowds can be when your winning.
When a team is losing, the park is half empty and very quiet. Tickets can be had dirt cheap.
But when a team is winning, look out for your wallet! Everything goes up in price. Food, tickets, parking, souvenirs and beer! It's good old supply and demand.
Let me give you an example.
I was a partial season ticket holder for the Golden State Warriors in 2001-2. The Warriors were AWFUL!! No one came to the games. I used to sit in the lower bowl of Oracle Arena a few rows from the basket for $30. You can't park there now for $30. No one wore Warriors gear. No one watched on TV or listened on the radio. Basically, no one cared. Dubs Nation in 2001-2? Didn't exist.
Now EVERYONE is a "Dubs" fan. Some claim to be life long fans! Really?
It's great they're winning, but the bandwagon fans came out of nowhere and drove the prices up!
Kinda like the Giants fans. At Candlestick Park, the crowd was blue collar. It was a great crowd. They loved their boys in orange and black. They would support the team win or lose.
Then AT&T Park opened. The blue collar crowd got priced out. Now it's the downtown crowd who have money to spend. What better way to end the work day than going to a party at the Giants game. And it is a party. Girls everywhere dressed "cute" in their Giants gear. It's cool to be a Giants fan all of a sudden. It's a status symbol to have Giants tickets.
It's out of control at AT&T Park.
I posted something on Facebook about how crazy the night at Raley Field was.
A friend of mine said something so perfect. She said, "I have a friend who's a diehard Giants fan. He wishes they would start losing so the bandwagon fans would go away."
Bandwagon fans love a winner.

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