Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Big Egos

I've been doing a lot of reading lately about athletes with big egos. It's not that I want to. I have to. The subject is everywhere.
I was at my local big chain bookstore last week gathering reading material for my trip to Arizona. I was in the magazine section when I came across a quote in bold print from Bubba Watson which said, "I have a big ego and no one impresses me!"
I re-read the quote a few times. Then I got to thinking, "Why does he have to say that?" He's one of the best golfers in the world. He has it all. Why not be more supportive of your fellow golfers?
Because being nice doesn't generate two things he craves, controversy and attention.
I went on to read an article about him on Deadspin which proclaims him to be the most hated player on the PGA Tour. This was a survey from his fellow peers, not the fans. The fans don't think to highly of him either.
It went on to explain how bold and brash he is. He played golf at the University of Georgia, ( I'm surprised he was smart enough to get admitted there), and he played along guys who are now on the tour. It's believed that playing college golf would forge lifelong friendships. His fellow Bulldog alumns at first would walk up to him to start a conversation. Let's say he wasn't happy to go down memory lane and talk about the good old days in college. He can be cold and distant too.
There were a lot of stories basically implying he's not a nice man.
Again, why be that way?
I've written before about my dislike for Cam Newton. I can't stand his brash and arrogant manner. When he wins, he's all smiles and in your face. When he loses, he sulks and whines. He did so after the Super Bowl. He walked off after his press conference after giving one word answers about the loss. This is the face of the franchise who also is a spokesperson for major food companies.
He then could have made up for it a few days later during another interview. He made a comment about being a happy loser. He went on to say, "If you show me a guy who's happy to be a loser, I'll show you a loser." It just made things worse.
Big Egos fuel sports though. There was a great quote by the soccer great Georgio Chingala in the documentary "Once In A Lifetime" that goes, "You need a big ego in sports in order to survive." Which is true.
In the skateboarding movie, "Dogtown and Z-Boys", an older skateboarder was quoted as saying, "If you have a big ego, you better back it up." Which is also true.
My question is, if you're the best, why be so brash about it? Sports is about sportsmanship and one should be humble. But Madison Avenue builds up these athletes that are anything but being a good sportsman. Isn't that sending the wrong signal? (Especially to the kids. But like Goose Gossage said yesterday, there are kids being little turds because of these unsportsmanlike athletes.)
Serena Williams is another brash athlete that's bold win she wins, but sulks and speaks in a monotone voice when she loses.
As I said, big egos fuel sports. Time to look for a different kind of fuel.

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