Monday, January 4, 2016

You Can Succeed By Reading This!

I hate self help books. "Reach for the Stars", "Be the best you can be!", "Give 1000% everyday!", "You can do it! Go for it!!" the book titles exclaim.
What I really don't like is the pretentious athlete or coach who writes a book on how to succed. I think it's ridiculous.
They always have some cheesy title and the undertitle says, "My keys to success in life."
Think about it. An athlete or coach are totally different people than us. They have physical gifts that only a few people in this world posses. They use those gifts to rise to fame and fortune. Coaches lead on the sidelines, but the coach isn't doing it by himself. He has assistants who do the thankless grunt work and he or she takes all the credit if their team wins.
If they are very successful, they'll write a book on how we can succed like them. They always have this smug, smarmy look on their face on the cover of the book.
I don't buy into it.
These athletes and coaches are given opportunities none of us will ever have in life. We're not given millions of dollars to perform our jobs. We're not given the finer things in life. (Ever notice how wealthy people get things for free, while us working people have to reach for our wallets?)
When they get fired or released, they have another million dollar job waiting for them. Most of us don't have the business contacts they do to keep working.
Some use success to make more money. Contracts are torn up and big raises are given if a coach wins a championship. Players get incentive bonuses.
They'll tell you in their books on how to ask for that raise or get that promotion.
They'll make you think it's that easy. Allow me to tell a story.
In my twenties I was struggling to get by. I needed to make more money plain and simple. I read some coaches book that made me think I was going to walk into my managers office and ask for a raise. The coach said to prepare and practice how to ask for it. I was ready to ask for a boatload of money!
I was turned away just as quickly I asked for it. The manager said it wasn't company policy to give raises. I countered by listing all the reasons why I deserved a raise. I was told to have a nice day.
The only raise given was the coach who wrote the book. He pocketed $19.95 off of me.
It was then that I discovered these books were a crock.
The coaches and athletes should write a one page book that say this, "I was born with God given ability to do things no one else can and people pay to see me do it."
Not all of us can coach a winning team. Not all of us can score the winning touchdown or get the big hit to win the game. Why should I read about how an athlete or coach telling me I can do what they do. I can't and I never will.
You really want to succeed in life.
Here's how. Go out and work hard everday. No excuses, no whining. Life is tough. Life isn't easy. Forge your own path and walk past the 'How to be successful book written by a jock' section. It will save you a few bucks. Put it in your bank account and save for the future.

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