Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Monday Night Footballs Best Game

Thirty years ago today, the greatest Monday Night Football game was played between the Miami Dolphins and the greatest football team ever assembled, the 1985 Chicago Bears.
The Bears were a indestructible machine. Their backups could have made the playoffs. Coached by Mike Ditka, he lead a team who's names include Dent, Singletary, Payton, McMahon and my favorite player on the team, The Fridge.
The Bears were undefeated coming into that game in Miami. I wish I could tell you more about, but I cant. I didn't watch it.
I was at my mom's work Christmas party.
I begged and pleaded not to go. But I had to since it was the foster kids Christmas party and there would be other co-workers kids there so I had to go to.
It was a night filled with cheap toys, bad food and break dancing. It was the most miserable experience ever.
The next day at school, all the guys were talking about the upset of the year. The mighty Bears lost 38-24.
The Bears would go one to win the Super Bowl, but in my mind, I missed the greatest game in 1985.

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