Sunday, December 20, 2015

Sacramento, Hockeyville USA!

This past Friday I was excited to be a part of a one of a kind outdoor hockey game in Sacramento. The game was to be played at Raley Field that night.
Well, thanks to El Nino, the game was cancelled and rescheduled for the next afternoon. Unfortunately, I couldn't make it. I had to work.
So after a few tweets to the Stockton Heat, I  can use my ticket for a future Heat game at Stockton Arena.
I was gonna write about the history of hockey in Sacramento, but I lost interest in writing about it.
I shouldn't complain because we really need the rain in California, but why did it have to rain on a day I was excited about?
After the game was cancelled. It stopped raining. Really?

Monday, December 7, 2015

Where Did You Hear That From?

False facts, inaccurate rumors that lead to nothing and misguided information. We all here little bits and pieces of information of things that may or may not happen. That's why they're called rumors.
I have a friend who always asked if I've heard of any moves in baseball. I tell him what I hear. He then said, "I can't believe what you tell me because the things you say will happen, never happen." I told him to stop asking me then.
I get my information from the major sports sites or Twitter. I'm not making this stuff up!
Sometimes the insiders are wrong. I've been known to be wrong too. That won't stop me from relaying information, I'll just be selective who I give it to.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Meet Channel 28's New Sports Director

I'm proud to say I accepted the position of sports director at Channel 28 in Napa!
My first show was tonight. I spoke of the Warriors historic run, the 85 Bears and Hot Stove news.
Before tonight I had 15 episodes as a part time reporter. I committed to one year with an option for a second year. There's lots of zeroes in my check.....with a big zero in front. I do it for the love of television. Who knows? Maybe it will lead to something.
Stay tuned!

Monday Night Footballs Best Game

Thirty years ago today, the greatest Monday Night Football game was played between the Miami Dolphins and the greatest football team ever assembled, the 1985 Chicago Bears.
The Bears were a indestructible machine. Their backups could have made the playoffs. Coached by Mike Ditka, he lead a team who's names include Dent, Singletary, Payton, McMahon and my favorite player on the team, The Fridge.
The Bears were undefeated coming into that game in Miami. I wish I could tell you more about, but I cant. I didn't watch it.
I was at my mom's work Christmas party.
I begged and pleaded not to go. But I had to since it was the foster kids Christmas party and there would be other co-workers kids there so I had to go to.
It was a night filled with cheap toys, bad food and break dancing. It was the most miserable experience ever.
The next day at school, all the guys were talking about the upset of the year. The mighty Bears lost 38-24.
The Bears would go one to win the Super Bowl, but in my mind, I missed the greatest game in 1985.