Saturday, September 12, 2015

Not The US Open But It's Still Tennis

Today I attended the Silverado College Invitational at the Silverado Resort in Napa. It featured schools from across the country. Pacific, U of San Francisco, Hawaii, Tulsa, Oklahoma State and SMU.
There were two sessions, 10am and 12 noon. I got a late start and attended the noon session. Hawaii and USF were playing. For a college match, there was a nice crowd. Most of the patrons were rooting for USF. I was watching a player named Nils from USF. Not because I wanted to, because the seats were next to his match. There was another match on the middle and outer courts, but for seating comfort, we all watched the court closest to us.
I tweeted the action. It was very good tennis. The matches weren't as organized as I thought they'd be. There was no chair umpire per se. I think coaches acted as ballboys, or else they were very bored Silverado members with nothing better to do on a cool Saturday afternoon.
The players themselves called balls in or out, much to the point both players agreed to disagree.
Sometimes things would get hot under the collar, but the players would settle their differences quickly.
Both players I watched must have been from an eastern block country, probably from mother Russia. Each player played flawlessly.....compared to my game! As I said in my title, this isn't the US Open, but at least it was tennis on a very entertaining level. Being up close and personal, I could hear when they would get very upset with themselves, at each other or pumping themselves up with tennis tactic.
As for the crowd, let's say they thought they were in Flushing, New York. Everyone around me was enjoying wine and conversation amongst themselves. If it wasn't for a black guy being there, I would have been the darkest person there. One young lady looked at me like she was smelling poop. Oh well, you can't charm them all.
I was only there for about an hour and a half. Hawaii won the match.
Tomorrow I'm going back, bringing a small picnic, and watch future club pros play for the Silverado College Invitational championship!

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