Tuesday, September 15, 2015

I Got Me Some Ink!

I'm in year four of this project. I've changed the name multiple times. I almost pulled the plug on this blog a few times. I've lost my patience with this blog before. I have two suscribers and they're the same person.
I knew I was going to be a very teeny tiny fish in a very large pond when I started this. If anyone wants sports news, one can go to their local paper, the Four Letter Network or one of the many blogs out there.
I tried to promote this blog. I had Vista Print make me cards and pens. I would then give them out and people would pocket the pen and card and I wouldn't hear anything more about it. (Talk about fishing for a compliment!)
I had 250 of those cards and gave out probably 25 and threw away the other 225.
But I kept writing despite no one reading. This was initially a top secret invitation only project. I'm very sensitive to criticism and I just didn't want to hear it. Criticism as a high school student changed my mind about becoming a sportswriter. Well, that and a stubborn football player who didn't have anything to say to me during an interview, and that fateful day I met one of my journalistic heroes and she told me to consider doing something else as the money isn't very good.
I lost my way. I stopped writing. Thanks to modern technology, I started to write again. First it was on Sports Illustrated's blog section. I wish I could find those blog posts. This was probably in 2007/8. Not sure. My writing was terrible. I wasn't the best writer to begin with, but as I told someone, if you stop throwing your fastball, you'll lose your zip on the ball.
I lost my fastball completely.
I remember writing about Mexicans in the NFL. I knew what I  wanted to say, but it came out wrong. Maybe it'd good I can't find those first posts.
Then in late 2011, I discovered Blogger. I had heard blogging was taking over the internet. So I tried again and stayed with it. Here we are almost four years later.
I was still keeping my blog a secret from friends and family. Then one day I offered to help the local sports editor of The Napa Valley Register to help out with the US Open qualifier in Napa. I mentioned my blog to show my writing experience.
Well, much to my surprise, the sports editor wanted to interview me. Not for a job, but for an article.
Initially I was hesitant. I told Mr. James I kept my blog a secret. He told me it was time to let the world know about it.
It was so nice to hear from a sports editor  at a newspaper that my writing was really good. He liked my writing style.
We eventually met for an interview. Then a few weeks later as I was at the airport in Sacramento having an early morning gin and tonic, (hey it was 12 noon somewhere!), I got a text from a friend saying she saw my article. Then I took off to southern California. By the time I landed, I got so many texts, phone calls and Facebook posts about the article.
It was kinda like being famous!
Now the world knew about it. It wasn't a secret anymore. Anyone is welcome to read it.
Now the mini publicity tour begins. I'm going to be on the Napa Show in Napa and talk about it on Wednesday night,  then on Thursday I will be appearing on the Marty James sports show. Marty James is the Mr. James I spoke of.
Thanks Marty for the praise. It means a lot!

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