Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Baseball At It's Purest

Today it was announced the city of Sacramento was awarded a baseball team in the Great West League.
What's the Great West League you ask? Why does Sacramento need another baseball team when there's already the AAA River Cats? Where will they play?
Well, all that's still being figured out.
This new team won't pose a threat to the River Cats as this new team in the new Great West League is a summer college league for college players looking to get some at bats with a wood bat.
For the most part, summer college leagues like the Cape Cod League, enable players to get used to swinging a wood bat, and play everyday as they will if they're fortunate enough to get drafted by a major league organization.
This league is going to be quite the same.
I had the pleasure of watching one of the teams in the new Great West League, the Marysville Gold Sox, play ball this past summer.
It's great baseball. The kids a little raw, as they're getting used to the grind of playing everyday. In college, most teams play on weekends with an occasional game played during the week.
Marysville was part of the Horizon Air Series. Most people would call this type of baseball semi-pro. I'd take out the word pro.
These kids don't get paid. Some work jobs during the day at a retail store to make some pocket money. Mostly all of them stay with a host family that provides them room and board.
As I said, it prepares them for life in the daily grind of minor league baseball.
It was my first time watching a summer college league game. Marysville drew a very big crowd and I got the impression the locals look forward to the Gold Sox coming back every summer.
One franchise I'm looking forward to seeing is the Chico Heat.
In my days a clubbie for the Solano Steelheads in the old Western Baseball League, Chico was like the major leagues.
Great facilities, great fans and an all around great roadtrip. (Why Chico isn't in the California League is beyond me).
Now back to Sacramento. Today is day number one. I'm sure as I write this, the search for a general manager is being done. Then a manager will be named. The team needs a name.
So it looks like I have another team to watch next summer.

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