Saturday, August 1, 2015

Telling Your Bosses What They Want To Hear

The 2015 trade deadline passed yesterday and now the dust has settled. One team that was expected to conduct a fire sale stood pat and did nothing.
Last winter San Diego Padres GM AJ Preller constructed to what many thought would be a contending team and give the Dodgers a run for their money.
Preller signed James Shields, traded for Matt Kemp, Melvin Upton and Craig Kimbrel. The Padres looked great on paper. Everyone in San Diego was excited. Preller promised a winner.
The excitement didn't last long. The pitching staff is struggling and the hitters can't hit. It's been a long miserable season in San Diego.
Preller was ordered to dump salary. They weren't calling it a fire sale, just moving contracts. (Detroit is calling it a reboot).
This past week, myself and the other 29 teams were looking to San Diego to move Kemp, Shields, Upton, Kimbrel, Ian Kennedy, Andrew Cashner, Seth Smith, everyone!
Yesterday the baseball world was awaiting news from the Padres. At 1:01pm Pacific Time, nothing happened.
Last year deals weren't officially announced until well after the deadline.
When I sat down to dinner, it was obvious the Padres did nothing. They stood pat.
AJ Preller told his bosses what they wanted to hear, "I believe we can make the postseason with this roster "
Talk about saying anything to keep your job!
Everyone knows AJ Preller's plan didn't work. It blew up in his face. He should have saved face and made deals to build for the future.
Now he's gambling his future with the Padres and hoping this team makes the playoffs.
Something tells me he'll be known as former Padres GM the first week in October.

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