Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Booster Club Nightmares

Football season is upon us and that means it's football fund raising time.
I was enjoying an evening out in the back patio with my family in southern California when the conversation turned to my cousins fundraising efforts.
I noticed some discount cards that most high school football teams sell. It was $10 and it gets you discounts all over town. I was gonna buy one but the fund raiser was over.
There's a certain limit my cousin had to raise and he raised it, actually he exceeded the amount.
I asked what does his team do with the money. He says it goes to equipment, gas  for the bus when they make roadtrips.
I then asked what happens if a kid doesn't raise the money. He said they get the hand me down equipment.
I then made the comment that football is an expensive sport to play. (In my last post, I mentioned my mom wouldn't sign the permission slip. She was a single mother too, and she told me years later that football was just too expensive to take part in. And she mentioned I would have been torn to shreds. Thanks mom!)
So I then spoke to my cousins about high school football fundraising. It all starts with the booster club. They tell you how much money is needed to be raised per kid. In this case it's about $500.
Now for some families, $500 is easy to raise. They mentioned some kids aren't fortunate to raise that kind of money.
Some of these kids live in the same neighborhoods, and they're asking the same people to donate. Most walk away empty handed. They still get to play, but with the hand me down equipment. The hand me down equipment is a tell tale that they didn't raise the money. So they're made fun of.
The woman who runs this booster club seems like an evil tyrant with her hand out. It doesn't end with the equipment fund raising. There's also the volunteer list of duties to do on game day. The worst of which is running the snack bar. There's also selling programs, raffle tickets, parking lot duty.
If there aren't any volunteers, you're assigned a duty.
Now, most people work. Some parents just can't drop everything and volunteer. Most parents can't even write a check to help with the fundraising.
I asked what this booster club president does for a living. She does nothing. Her husband owns his own business and they're very comfortable.
I asked what does she do on game days to help out. Nothing. She's in the stands watching her son play.
She also gossips about the other parents and kids.
My cousins put one kid through high school football. They knew what to expect. They do what they have to do and then some. But it's not enough.
Ms. Booster Club president is always asking for more.
We spoke at length about the egos and attitudes in kids sports. I have other friends who help out with Little League, Babe Ruth and high school baseball. It seems as if the adults overlook the fact that it's all about the kids.
Whenever I'm invited to watch a friends kid play, I can't sit in the stands for very long. There's always that one parent who speaks their mind and makes things miserable for everyone.
My cousins sit by themselves away from the drama. I commended them for dealing with Ms. Booster Club. I don't think I could do it. I'm sure if I had kids I'd be singing a different tune. I'm glad I don't have to deal with it. I'm happy buying a discount card I'll never use.

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