Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Worst Two Days Of The Year

Being a sports fan usually means if you like all four major team sports, there's always something to watch. Heck, even if you throw in golf, tennis or soccer, there should be something to watch on TV.
Most sports programming is during prime time. Today is truly the worst day of the year to be a sports fan.
Wimbledon ended Sunday. The British Open started today, but coverage began very early this morning. Major League Baseball extended the All Star break an additional day, so no baseball tonight.
The NFL doesn't start training camp for another two weeks. Want to watch hockey? Forget about it.
The only thing on tonight is the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas.
I actually watched a bit of it last night. I've always heard of it, just never watched. It's interesting. Just a high paced practice or scrimmage. Bunch of NBA newbies trying to make a name for themselves if they weren't first round picks, or they were first rounders who weren't lottery picks.
Last night I also watched the AAA All Star Game from Omaha, Nebraska. If you're a baseball junkie like I am, it was a treat looking at future prospects or watching former big leaguers hanging on playing for another year. I interacted with a player on Twitter, Cody Decker from the San Diego Padres organization.
On the telecast on MLB Network, the commentators were showing how he makes mini movies basically poking fun at a teammate. So I tweeted him saying he has a bright future in show business.
Mr. Decker then tweeted me saying, "The future is now!", with a link from the NBC drama, State of Affairs. I click on the link and it's a scene showing a man with a bomb on him at a shopping mall. A security guard enters the scene telling the man to exit the area, while he's calling for backup. The man with the bomb blows up the mall. The security guard in question was an actor named.....Cody Decker! I learned from the telecast that Mr. Decker was a theater major at UCLA and was teammates with San Francisco Giants shortstop Brandon Crawford.
So that provided some entertainment for me.
Also the ESPY'S were on. Usually it's on the flagship station, but in order to grab as many ratings as possible, the show was switched to ABC so the circus could show off and give the Arthur Ashe Courage Award to Caitlin Jenner, in her first public appearance since she stopped being Bruce Jenner.
I didn't watch, I stopped watching that smarmy, smug, self indulgent, self love fest years ago. The ratings have been down for years and there was hope ESPN would pull the plug on this awards show, but not to worry folks, it's here to stay. Last night's show breathed new life into it. Also making an appearance was the US Womens soccer team, Mo'ne Davis and probably many mentions of Stuart Scott.
Which leads me to tonight. What to watch? Looks like NBA Summer League reruns.

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