Sunday, July 5, 2015

Getting Blocked On Twitter

I tweet a lot. Not as much as some people I know, but I'm pretty consistent.
I use Twitter mainly for information. I follow a lot of sportswriters, broadcasters, and other bloggers.
A first happened to me the other day. A prominent sports columnist I follow didn't take to kindly to a joke.
I was just scrolling through Tinder the other night when I came across a tweet from Sacramento Bee columnist Marcos Breton. He's a great writer and a he gives out a wealth of sports knowledge.
He's also Latino, and I enjoy getting a perspective of sports from the Latino point of view.
I came across a tweet that said something to the effect of Mr. Breton felt that at times he's gone to many Sacramento Kings games where he felt he was the most hated person in the building. This is when I decided to be clever and tweet something I thought was funny.
I tweeted, "Why all the hatred towards you? Who do those people think you are, RE Graswich?"
Seconds later Mr. Breton tweeted back to me, "And with that you're blocked. Bye"
At first I thought he was joking. So I went to respond and I got a notification from Twitter that I was unable to see Breton's his tweets and unable to communicate with him.
Let me explain my tweet.
RE Graswich was the Sacramento Kings beat writer in the late 80's to the mid 90's. He eventually became a sports columnist and then a news columnist.
I found him a fascinating writer. He told it like it was. A lot of readers didn't like him because he wasn't a homer. It was hard to describe the late 80's, early 90's Kings as the Boston Celtics. The Kings were terrible and Graswich wrote the truth.
I believe he was once the hated person in Arco Arena.
So that's when I decided to link my two favorite writers in a tweet.
Then I got blocked. For whatever reason I don't know. Perhaps there was a rift between them?
Some other person tweeted to me he didn't think I was funny. I just explained it was a joke.
Perhaps I shouldn't have compared one writer to another. (An old friend of mine Jason once told me to never compare a woman to another woman. I once told a cute barrista at Starbucks in Woodland she looked just like my favorite actress Janeane Garofalo. When I told Jason of my pick up line, that's when he said I should have kept my mouth shut as women probably don't think Ms. Garofalo is atrractive. I find her gorgeous).
Anyway, I pushed a button of Breton's that probably didn't need to be pushed.
So I posted about it on Facebook. Shortly thereafter, a high school friend of mine Sam told me he could possibly set up a meeting with Breton and a music writer for the Bee. Sam even said he'd go with me for moral support. I thanked Sam and said I'd write a letter. A few other friends told me to quit thinking about it. At first I got mad and defensive and quoted George Lopez when he says, "FTP, F@&k that puto!" Kinda childish on my part.
I was just angry that a writer I enjoy blocked me. But as any good writer knows, there's probably more to the story.
I went on to say on Facebook that, "Us Mexicans need to stick together".

I later messaged Sam and thanked him for thinking of setting up something. Then Sam said something that's been floating around in my mind the last few days. He said and I'm paraphrasing here that Breton was always polite when they met when Sam was being interviewed by the Bee's music writer. He said the Bee's music writer, Mr. Macias and Breton were "just like us, proud Latinos".
I'm sure I hurt Mr. Breton's pride. Now I need to swallow my pride and put pen to paper and apologize to Mr. Breton.
I feel I need to reach out and contact him. Us Mexicans need to stick together you know.

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