Friday, June 12, 2015

This Blog Post Brought To You By.....

Remember the good old days when watching a sports telecast, after a pause in the action, the network would go to commercial? You know, your typical car, beer and razor commercials?
I was watching a ballgame the other day, and I was just blown away by the amount of product placement and plugs presented through a telecast.
You have the pre and post game snd halftime shows presented by a large corporation. Replays are sponsored by a company. Pitching changes during a baseball game are brought to you by a local oil change place.
It's advertising overload!
Then after the game during press conferences there's a Step and Repeat wall that's placed behind the athletes to remind you that the interview wasn't possible with another company.
Then there's the commercials themselves during the game!
Sometime in the future there will be advertising on the players uniforms. It's common in Japanese baseball. As a matter of fact, the teams are named after corporations there. Yakult Swallows, Nippon Ham Fighters to name a few.
Logos on uniforms dominate soccer worldwide.
I know advertising pays the bills, but with so much money to be made in advertising, TV and radio revenue and merchandising, why is it so damn expensive to go to a ballgame. (I know the answer, if people are willing to pay the price to go to a game, then squeeze every nickel out of them).
It's overkill. We're being brainwashed.

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