Monday, May 18, 2015

Something Fishy Going On In Miami

The Miami Marlins led by meddling owner Jeffrey Loria made a very bizzare move this morning.
Last night they fired manager Mike Redmond (after signing a two year extension last fall) and today named their General Manager Dan Jennings as the new skipper.
What's bizzare about this is he's never played, coached or managed at the major league level. He briefly played in the minors.
Another bizzare thing is the Marlins have done this before back in 1996.
John Boles was named manager for the second half of the '96 season and did very well for himself, posting a winning record.
The following off season the Marlins rebuilt and went on a free agent shopping spree and brought in the highly respected Jim Leyland to manage the team in 1997. They won the World Series.
Before the team got they're World Series ring on Opening Day 1998, the Marlins went on a fire sale and stripped the team down to a very inexpensive roster.
Let's move along to 1999 and John Boles returns. Remember he had a winning record the second half of '96. You would think it brought him some credibility in the clubhouse. Things didn't fare so well in the couple years he was at the helm. Things got so bad a journeyman relief pitcher called him out to the press and said Boles knew nothing about the major leagues as he never played in the majors. He would eventually lose the clubhouse and eventually his job.
The relief pitcher calling out Boles reminds of a story I have heard many times about Lee May questioning a new manager the Cincinnati Reds hired for the 1970 season. This manager played one game in the majors. Mr. May walked up to his new manager and said, "What do you know about the major leagues? You're just a minor league mother-fucker!"
The new manager was Sparky Anderson and he did quite well for himself. He ended up in the Hall of Fame after winning over 2100 games and three World Series titles.
Which brings me back to Dan Jennings. He's respected in baseball circles for his scouting work and eventual rise to GM of the Marlins.
He lost his first game tonight. It's not going to be easy for him as he learns the day in and out routine of running a team. Every move he'll make will be under a microscope and second guessed.
Before the game Ichiro put a tie around his neck Jennings neck as a joke because he's only seen Jennings in a shirt and tie. Will the tie eventually become a noose around his neck?
One game down and hopefully many more to go for Dan Jennings. Will he be a Hall of Famer or just another minor league mother-f@&er?

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