Monday, April 20, 2015

This Is What First Place Looks Like

There were concerns about me entering a fantasy baseball league. Concerns about me not focusing on my lineup. I got kicked out of the league a few years ago for mis-managment.
This season I ponied up a $100 to join once again. Look at me now!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Another Hero Passes On

My earliest baseball memories are listening to KNBR and being introduced to Spring Training baseball by Lon Simmons. He would broadcast from Arizona at Scottsdale, Tucson, Mesa, or Tempe. The game sounded different. Like the crowd was more intimate in a smaller ballpark. The bat hitting the ball sounded more louder and crisp. The game sounded simple.
Sometimes Mr. Simmons would do a show from The Pink Pony in Scottsdale when the Pink Pony was the center of the baseball universe. He would interview players, executives, scouts, or anyone who was willing to talk baseball.
He would eventually do A's games to as I got older. Then as I got older, he went back to the Giants.
Great voice. I understand he was an even better man.
Mr. Simmons passed away on Sunday. Fitting he would pass away on Opening Day. His life would end as baseball would begin once again. He passed when baseball fans would be happy baseball is back. Yes we would be sad at his passing, but we could celebrate his life by celebrating baseball's return.
God bless you Lon Simmons.