Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Panther Pride

Today I went to watch the Sacramento City College Panthers play baseball.
I haven't been to a City College game since I was a student here many years ago.
I knew something was amiss when I easily found a parking space. I discovered it was spring break. As I strolled the grounds of Sac City, a ton of memories came back to me.
When I thought of college as a young lad, I envisioned going to a big school, living in a dorm, joining a fraternity, dating girls, going to athletic events and making life long friends. It didn't happen.
I went the JC route. I spent a few extra years here. I was here so long they should have named a building after me! I can joke about it now, but I will say I was embarrassed to go to JC back then. I had cousins go to big schools. I wrote on my men's style blog it was always a dream of mine to wear the sweatshirt of the college I attended. I wore a City College sweater one time, and some jackass gave me a hard time about it. "Your proud to wear a junior college sweatshirt?" I was so embarrassed I gave it away.
Anyways, I returned to my pathetic roots of higher learning.
I'm surprised the ballpark isn't named Weinstien Stadium, since it was Jerry Weinstien who built Sac City into a national JC power. It's called Union Stadium, named after the local unions that built the ballpark.
I took my seat behind home plate and enjoyed a game with kids on the field who weren't even born the last time I saw a game at City.
It was a pitchers duel until Sac City scored first, then continued to pound Diablo Valley College pitching. The Panthers won 4-1. It was a great day of baseball on very mild day in Sacramento. I'm now sitting at the Old Espresso Metro coffee shop where I used to hang out and drink mochas or Italian sodas and study (ie check out girls who ignored me!). It was a nice day to walk down memory lane. My attempt at college wasn't memorable, but it made me think I should have applied myself more. But back then I thought I knew it all and no one could tell me no different. Thank goodness your only young and dumb once!

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