Friday, March 20, 2015

Giants Fans Invade Maryvale

Well yesterday was quite the adventure! The last day of our spring training trip took us to Maryvale Ballpark, spring home of the Milwaukee Brewers. The weather wasn't quite spring like, as it rained overnight in the Valley of the Sun. We woke up to cloudy skies and the threat of continued rain. We almost made the decision not to go.
Well, we made it........along with what seemed to be every Giants fan in Arizona. This was a Brewers home game, and it was a sea of orange and black. Everywhere you turned, you'd see a Giants fan. They overran the concession stands, the gift shop. I mean it looked like a Giants home game.
It made for a terrible experience. We left in the fourth inning.
On the way home we listened to a great treat on the radio. Mr. Baseball himself Bob Eueker was calling the action and he was describing the ballpark as a mob scene. He said he never seen it so full before. He mentioned the concourse being packed with Giants fans.
He was full of funny stories. He was describing the pain of being hit in the groin by a ball. You had the feeling he wanted to be more vulgar with his description of being hit there, but it made a funny story nonetheless.
And just like that, Spring Training trip 2015 was over. We had a nice dinner and drinks in Scottsdale before resting for our trip home early the next morning. I've been home for a few days, and I'm already thinking of 2016. 51 more weeks away!

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