Thursday, November 6, 2014

I'm Back...And In Love With Basketball

Hi everyone! Sorry for the long delay since I last wrote. Severe case of writers block.
Well I'm back and I got bitten by the love bug. I'm falling in love again with basketball. Again you say. Let's take a trip down memory lane.
In the fine year of 1984 it was announced that the fine city of Sacramento, California was going to be the new home for the Kansas City Kings. Sacramento was finally a major league city! The NBA was gonna put Sacramento on the map, and eventually it did.
So I read everything I could about the NBA and the Kansas City Kings. I read the Kings had Otis Thorpe,
Mark Olberding, Mark McNamara, Reggie Theus, LaSalle Thompson, and Eddie Johnson. The Sacramento Bee had daily updates about the team. They didn't win much then, but we finally had our own team to root for in 1985.
As my memory serves me, 1985 was a magical and special year in pop culture, movies, music and sports.
I remember my mom buying me a Sacramento Kings fan pack which consisted of a hat, T-shirt, pennant and button. Somewhere I have the pennant. But I was a ready for basketball!
I remember tickets being very hard to get, so I didn't go to any games the first season. I also remember being so excited driving past the temporary arena Arco Arena 1. It only sat 10,333 people. I also remember the current building slowly taking place. For some reason progress on the construction was very slow.
Anyway, I went to my first game in the 1986 season. I remember buying my first issue of Hoop, the official game program of the NBA! I loved those programs. I always had to buy one.
So many memories running through my mind. I remember Reggie Theus walking past me and a friend to get to his red Porsche, and watching him drive off into the Sacramento night. I remember standing outside the Dallas Mavericks team bus and getting autographs.
I can also remember rooting for the mighty Los Angeles Lakers. The Showtime Lakers.
Every Saturday would be the NBA game of the week on CBS. Seemed like Dick Stockton was always there. I loved the theme song to the CBS Game of the Week.
I remember the arenas and their cool names. The Salt Palace in Salt Lake City, The Hemisphere in San Antonio, The Summit in Houston, Market Square Arena in Indianapolis, Richfield Coliseum, home of the Cleveland Cavaliers.
And of course, The Great Western Forum in Inglewood, home of the Lakers. The names sounded so great, unlike the corporate names being bestowed on the newer buildings now.
Those first few years in Sacramento were very special to me in my teenage mind.
Next time I will write more about the Kings, the NBA in the 80's and the eventual demise of my love for the NBA.
Thanks for reading!

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