Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Deconstructing A Game and Max Stassi

I went to the River Cats game tonight. A couple of posts ago I discussed scoring a game. It's something I do to keep me focused on the game.
I just finished reading a book called The Numbers Game. It was a great book. In a nutshell, it was about how baseball and statistics go hand in hand.
One part of the the book that caught my eye was something called Project Scoresheet. This was volunteers across the country who scored games and contributed their work to Bill James. I would have loved to have been a part of it had I known about it. I would have been a teenager, but I think that would have been fun to do.
Lately, I have deconstructed games I score. I just tally up ground outs, fly outs and strike outs. I find it interesting to see if a pitcher as an individual or a pitching staff as a whole are ground ball or flyball pitchers.
Then I breakdown the hitters. I do it just as you would find in the morning paper.
At the game I was watching Max Stassi. His father was my PE teacher in junior high school. Max has been a very productive minor leaguer. He had a cup of coffee with Houston last year.
Well, Stassi hit a towering bomb that cleared the clubhouse area of Raley Field. He really came around on the ball and hit it hard! One of the longest homeruns I ever saw at Raley Field. (Lance Niekro hit one so hard many years ago I don't think it landed yet!)
Back to Stassi. I noticed he's only hitting .239. He hits eighth in the line up. He eventually struck out three times. I looked up his stats after the game. He has 95 strikeouts (98 if tonights game is included). Why is he striking out so much? I always thought he was a hitter that hits for average. If the occasional homer happened, great. I don't follow him everyday, but it looks like he's trying to be a power hitter. He swung very hard in his last three at bats. Is he trying to hard to get back to Houston? Is he pressing? I know he'll figure it all out and hit for average again. The rosters expand in twelve days. Hope he gets a call up!

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