Sunday, August 10, 2014

Closing Out A Scorebook

I just finished a scorebook. I started it in 1996. Probably got lost in a box and I found it.
It's a baseball time capsule. The names of players who have since retired, or are about to.
This particular one, I scored TV games as well as games at the ballpark.
I have always enjoyed keeping score. I started out as a teenager just using basic notation. As I got older, I used the numeral scoring system as well as keeping track of balls and strikes. In my twenties, I kept track of the game like a scout would. I would notate where the ball was hit, kept track of all the foul balls (to keep up with pitch count).
I remember a woman in Anaheim asking me if I was a scout!
Eventually I stopped keeping score. I had friends who told me I was being rude and anti-social.
But over the last few years, I missed keeping score. It gets me more involved with the game. A gentleman asked me last month on why I kept score/statistics. I told him I watch so many games on TV and in person, eventually I get bored if I'm not keeping score. I get distracted easily. (Read my last post)
I have another scorebook ready to be filled. I think real soon for old times sake, I'm gonna keep score of a TV game and a radio game. Scoring a radio game is hard, you have to focus as you can't see the action.
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