Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I Was Absent From The Game

I love going to the ballpark. I had tickets to the Sacramento River Cats game last night. I invited some friends. I immediately start drinking beer. It was a very busy night. It was $1 hotdog and ice cream night. Big crowds of kids and families everywhere. People were sitting in our seats. We sat in other peoples seats. There was so much going on. It was kinda chaotic. 
I went to see/scout Joc Pederson. I saw him strike out. I missed his homerun in the first inning. I felt terrible missing it. It was a game when I was there, but my mind wasn't. The whole thing is a blur. I had a good time anyways! 

Friday, July 25, 2014

On The Beat With LeBron

The Cleveland Plain Dealer is looking for a beat writer to cover all things LeBron. That's the beat, report everything LeBron does. Now I know I won't be hanging out with LeBron, just write about him.
Well, I threw my hat into the ring. For laughs and giggles, I applied for the assignment. I listed all my media experience. Five episodes of local TV sports reporting, three years blog writing experience, two podcasts reported, and my acting experience.
I asked for $75,000 salary. I'm sure it comes with a generous expense account. I would hope. Wish me luck!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Watching Future A's On The Farm

Tonight I made my annual trek to Stockton to see the Stockton Ports play the Modesto Nuts.
It was a great game! I saw a grand slam hit by Renato Nunez. It was a towering homerun. It must have been hit about 425 feet.
Then I saw my first completed triple play. It's been said if you go to many ballgames, you'll see something you never seen before. That sure was true tonight.
I noticed the Ports players were much more polished than the Nuts players. That's a credit to the Oakland A's player development department. The Athletics really take the time to groom and develop players.
I was asked what will happen to a majority of these players. Most of them will get weeded out in AA ball.
A few will stick around AAA rosters, and one or two will be on a Major League roster. It's not only tough to get to know Majors, it's tougher to stay there!
I picked a good night to watch some quality baseball.