Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Last Of The Core Four

The 2014 season just started and a baseball legend is going to call it a career after the season is over.
Derek Jeter, Mr. November, Yankee captain, announced his retirement.
With that, the last of the Yankee Core Four will be out of baseball.
It will be the end of a era for New York baseball.
Mr. Jeter was drafted a Yankee in 1992. He got his first taste of the big leagues in 1995. He was Rookie of the Year in 1996. He has five World Series rings. He's our generations Joe DiMaggio. He carries himself with dignity, style and class. It's never about him. It's about playing and winning for the New York Yankees. He puts the team first.
I personally couldn't stand him when the Yankees were winning all those championships. He always came through in the clutch. He was always the catalyst. He always beat the Red Sox.
But over the years I have grown to admire him. He shows up to work everyday, quietly goes about his business and wins. If I were to start a franchise, Derek Jeter would be the man I would build the team around.
But the young man who sparked a dynasty has grown older. Injuries have taken a toll. The grind that is baseball has caught up to him.
Mr. Jeter doesn't do anything half heartedly. So as he told Mariano Rivera last year, its time to go.
The Derek Jeter retirement party will take place throughout the season. I first saw Mr. Jeter on Opening Night 1999 in Oakland. He led of the Yankees season with a homerun. The Yankees play in Oakland in June. I hope I get a chance to see baseball greatness one last time.

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