Friday, January 10, 2014

Two Lousy Votes Short

The baseball Hall of Fame induction announcements were Wednesday. It was no surprise that Greg Maddox and Tom Glavine got in, along with The Big Hurt Frank Thomas.
The two surprises were Jack Morris not getting elected. He actually lost votes this year after coming to a comfortable margin of the 75% to get elected.
But the biggest surprise, shock actually was Craig Biggio falling TWO votes short of the Hall of Fame.
Fingers are already being pointed at two influential sportswriters. One only voted for Jack Morris. The other turned in a blank ballot. When one votes for the HoF, you can vote up to ten people. It should be a requirement that you must submit a full ballot.
Poor Craig Biggio! So close and 2015 is so far away. At least he knows he will make it next year.
Just think people, pitchers and catchers report in a month!
On a side note to all my millions of readers (Haha!), I'm gonna try to do a weekly sports wrap up on Saturday nights. I'll write about what I find interesting and nationally relevant. I'm still trying to think of a clever name for it.
Until next time, enjoy your weekend!

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