Saturday, January 25, 2014

That's A Wrap! Tanaka Edition

The Tanaka sweepstakes ended early this week. He signed a large contract with the New York Yankees. They have spent almost half a billion dollars on free agents this winter.
Tanaka went 24-0 last year in Japan. If I remember correctly, he averages 6 strikeouts to every one walk he issues. He has an arsenal of several pitches. The amazing thing is he's only 25 years old!
But red flags appear. First, he went 24-0 last year. A hint of overuse in those numbers.
Two, they throw EVERYDAY in Japan. That's not kosher here in the States. Every major league pitcher has a schedule of rest along with a throwing program after a start.
The debate lately is that pitchers here in the States are coddled too much. Back in the old days, a pitcher threw everyday. That went by the wayside in the mid seventies due to the discovery of the need for Tommy John surgery. Pitchers were blowing their arms out. As a preventive procedure, rest was required in a pitchers schedule.
But Tanaka is young, and the Yankees have a great reputation for handling their pitchers. Well, Joba Chamberlain might disagree!
Well that's all for now, see ya next time!

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