Friday, January 31, 2014

The Rise And Rise Of The St. Louis Cardinals

The St. Louis Cardinals are a dangerous team. They always have been. They always will be. Why do I say that? Pitching, a plethora of pitching. Not only at the major league level, but up and down their minor league system.
They say offense wins games and defense wins championships. I say a steady stream of pitching creates a dynasty!
The Cardinals have an embarrassment of riches right now. They have a problem most teams would love too have.....too much pitching. Cardinals GM John Mozeliak has pieces which will allow him to wheel and deal. If a problem persists sometime, he can unload a pitcher for a bat or a bench player.
As it stands right now, with Adam Wainright, Michael Wacha, Lance Lynn, Jaime Garcia, Shelby Miller and Joe Kelly there will be a logjam at the major league level. Their bullpen has a few potential starting pitchers, particularly Carlos Martinez, who is considered a pitcher with a very bright future.
I'm sure manager Mike Matheny and pitching coach Derek Lilliquist must chuckle to themselves about their pitching dilemma. No need to worry about pitching.
I honestly feel the St. Louis Cardinals will become the New York Yankees very soon.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

That's A Wrap! Tanaka Edition

The Tanaka sweepstakes ended early this week. He signed a large contract with the New York Yankees. They have spent almost half a billion dollars on free agents this winter.
Tanaka went 24-0 last year in Japan. If I remember correctly, he averages 6 strikeouts to every one walk he issues. He has an arsenal of several pitches. The amazing thing is he's only 25 years old!
But red flags appear. First, he went 24-0 last year. A hint of overuse in those numbers.
Two, they throw EVERYDAY in Japan. That's not kosher here in the States. Every major league pitcher has a schedule of rest along with a throwing program after a start.
The debate lately is that pitchers here in the States are coddled too much. Back in the old days, a pitcher threw everyday. That went by the wayside in the mid seventies due to the discovery of the need for Tommy John surgery. Pitchers were blowing their arms out. As a preventive procedure, rest was required in a pitchers schedule.
But Tanaka is young, and the Yankees have a great reputation for handling their pitchers. Well, Joba Chamberlain might disagree!
Well that's all for now, see ya next time!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Pitch Patch Potch

Things I think I think.....
Roger Goodell is a horses ass. That is all......
I have been watching a lot of college hoops lately.......
I'm going to my first hockey game in years in two weeks. I can't remember the last time I was at The Shark Tank.
Pitchers and catchers report in two weeks! Thank The Lord!!
Colin Kaepernick should have called a timeout. He will learn and grow from his mistake. He needs to remember Vernon Davis too......
Who cares about the NBA, but best wishes to David Stern. He made the NBA a global brand. Enjoy retirement......
How does Lane Kiffin keep getting plum jobs? Offensive coordinator at Alabama? Really? I would want him coaching my baby cousins youth football team.......
Tanaka to the Yankees. Big whoop...
That is all my friends!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

That's A Wrap! A-Rod Edition

This is my new feature on the blog. A weekly sports wrap up. I was gonna talk about Florida State winning the national championship. It was a slow sports week.
As I woke up this morning, I was scrolling through the sports headlines. Well I didn't really scroll through them, one headline jumped out at me.
Alex Rodriguez has been suspended for the 2014 baseball season because of his involvement with a PED clinic in Florida. The suspension also includes the postseason.
He served a brief suspension last year. Rodriguez has said he is going to appeal the decision. The experts think this is going to eventually go to federal court. This is going to drag on for years.
So how will this play out? First the Yankees want to wipe his $27.5 million salary of the books.
So I think MLB and the Yankees are going to battle it out with Rodriguez's lawyers and the all powerful Major League Players Association. 
Alex wanted to be known as the greatest player ever. It looked like he was well on his way to that a few years ago. He's getting older. He has been plagued with injuries. Now this. 
It looks like we have seen the last of Alex Rodriguez. 

Friday, January 10, 2014

Two Lousy Votes Short

The baseball Hall of Fame induction announcements were Wednesday. It was no surprise that Greg Maddox and Tom Glavine got in, along with The Big Hurt Frank Thomas.
The two surprises were Jack Morris not getting elected. He actually lost votes this year after coming to a comfortable margin of the 75% to get elected.
But the biggest surprise, shock actually was Craig Biggio falling TWO votes short of the Hall of Fame.
Fingers are already being pointed at two influential sportswriters. One only voted for Jack Morris. The other turned in a blank ballot. When one votes for the HoF, you can vote up to ten people. It should be a requirement that you must submit a full ballot.
Poor Craig Biggio! So close and 2015 is so far away. At least he knows he will make it next year.
Just think people, pitchers and catchers report in a month!
On a side note to all my millions of readers (Haha!), I'm gonna try to do a weekly sports wrap up on Saturday nights. I'll write about what I find interesting and nationally relevant. I'm still trying to think of a clever name for it.
Until next time, enjoy your weekend!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Packers Need To Bottle Up Kaep

Colin Kaepernick had another great game againts the Packers yesterday. He always seems to excel playing against Green Bay. I mean he puts up video game numbers against the Packers.
And he does it with pride, poise and focus. He's mentally tough. It's time I stop bashing him. He's legit. He's a real NFL quarterback.