Sunday, November 10, 2013

The First Clubs I Ever Bought

I have mentioned before I took up golf during the summer of 1993. I played with hand me down Jack Nicklaus Golden Bear irons. I was grateful for the gift, but they were really beat up. But I used them. 
Then later that year I was taking lessons at Bing Maloney Golf Course. In the pro shop there was a Christmas sale. There was a set of Spalding Executive irons (3 iron thru pitching wedge) and three metal woods for less than a $100!
They should have stamped sucker on my forehead after I bought them. They were junk. Or at least I thought they were junk. As a novice, it was probably my lack of a coordinated golf swing that led me to believe the clubs were junk. I had a wicked slice. And I think with me gripping them and ripping them, I would dribble the ball a few yards down the fairway. 
They were also the ugliest clubs you ever saw. When I would be at the driving range, I was surrounded by people with Lynx, Ben Hogan or Calloway Big Bertha irons. Owning a set of Pings were out of the question. So I used what I could afford at the time. I was embarrassed by them. 
After awhile I grew frustrated with them and GAVE THEM AWAY!! Thats how much I hated those clubs. 
Just a few minutes ago, I was browsing on a golf website I belong to, and someone had a post about those old clubs. It brought back memories and made me smile. 
I would love to swing those clubs now that I have a grooved and repetitive golf swing. 

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