Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Tale Of Being Young And Dumb

John Boyett had a stellar career at Oregon. He played in a Rose Bowl and a national championship game. A lot of football experts said he would be playing on Sunday.
Unfortunately, he was only able to play one game last year due to injuries. He was still drafted in the sixth round by the Indianapolis Colts. Still unable to play, he was placed on injured reserve. All he had to do was do his rehab, study his Playbook and just wait till he was well enough to play.
That opportunity will never come, at least not with the Colts.
Mr. Boyett was arrested for disorderly conduct, public drunkeness and resisting arrest on Sunday night. The Colts released him yesterday.
Why do I care?
Well his father was my PE teacher in high school. He was the football coach. A very distant, unfriendly man from what I remember. John was born in Woodland. Years later I would end up working in Napa, where John would become a football star. I know people who went to school with him.
He must have thought he was something special. As he was getting arrested he was reported to have said, "You can't arrest me, I'm a football player for the Colts!"
Not anymore. I hope he can clean up his act and catch on with someone else.

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