Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Twenty Years Of Golf

I was introduced to the game of golf twenty years ago this summer.
I always thought it was an old mans game. A rich old mans game.
I had a pretty rough start to 1993. A friend saw I was going through a hard time. He gave me his dads Jack Nicklaus Golden Bear irons from 1975.
I went to the athletic fields at my old high school to practice hitting balls. I had no idea what I was doing. I almost hit into an infield while a baseball game was going on. So to avoid hitting someone, I would go to Davis Muni to hit a bucket of balls. I sprayed balls all over the driving range. It was fun and it kept my mind off of what was bothering me.
After a couple of months of hitting balls when I was able to, another friend took me out to play a round at Land Park Golf Course in Sacramento. I just remember being so thirsty during the round. Having a cold drink was so nice afterwards.
This was twenty years ago, so the memories are fading of that day. I'm sure I was awful out there.
I had so much fun I signed up for a golf class at Sac City College.
And I have been in love with the game ever since.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Labor Day 500 Is Over

In mid May I set a goal to run 500 miles for the year by September 2nd, Labor Day. I hit my goal Monday morning. A week ahead of schedule. Setting that goal did wonders for me. I usually don't run much during the summer. I needed something to keep me motivated and focused.
So I set the goal to run the 500 miles by end of summer.
Now what do I do? I'm gonna let my legs rest a few days. I plan to hit a bucket of balls, chip and putt. Play golf Wednesday.
Then hit the pavement again. Keep moving forward!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Pitch Patch Potch

Things on my mind......
1-listening to the CJ Silas Show on her website. She is great! Give her a listen.
2-I missed out snooping around the Raiders training camp in Napa. It was a very busy summer for me.
3- I played golf with forged irons from the 60's last week at Kennedy Park in Napa. I was slaughtered. I think I will use the old clubs for the short courses.
4- I'm 7.85 miles from my goal of running 500 miles for the year.
5- I'm ready for some football.
6- One more month of baseball. How about them Dodgers?!!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Was There A Major Played This Weekend?

It's hard to be overlooked in the sports world. In golf, there is the excitement of the first major of the season, The Masters. It lets the world know spring is here.
Then you have the toughest golf tournament in the world, the US Open. It's always on Fathers Day weekend. Love to see a grown man cry? Watch any round of the Open, grown men complain, whine and moan about the tough course set up the USGA puts on.
Then there is the oldest golf tournament in the world, the British Open. I love this tournament. The weather isn't always the best, which makes a golfer really test himself out on a classic Open course.
Then there is the major no one seems to care about, the PGA. It's overlooked because by this time in the summer, people are out enjoying the last few weeks of summer or getting ready for school.
I couldn't tell you where it was played. I just don't care about this major. Jason Duffner won. All I can say is he needs to go on a diet and get a haircut. Another sloppy looking golfer upon us.