Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The NFL Season Is Upon Us

This is my favorite part of the NFL season......training camp and preseason football. I don't care about the regular season, the playoffs or the Super Bowl, just give me all the training camp coverage I can watch.
I love to see the players practicing plays to perfection. I like to see the players in t-shirt and shorts working hard in the summer heat. I like to see the battles for position spots. The fight to see who stays and who goes. I like to see the player who comes out of nowhere and wins a spot on a team. I like to see the old veteran hang on for another year.
I like the fact that players practice at a remote college someplace and sleep in dorms. I like to see the footage of players in a classroom setting studying plays. I love the simplicity of it all.
The Oakland Raiders train at a middle school in Napa. They stay at a resort hotel. I hope to attend an open practice. I might even have a drink at the hotel bar and see if I can see any NFL people around.

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