Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I'm Giving The NFL A Second Chance

I have a love hate relationship with the NFL. I loved the NFL growing up. I mean I worshipped and glorified the game.
Over the years I have grown to hate the NFL. I have called it the No Fun League at times. I can't really pinpoint when I started to hate football.
It's not that I hate football, I just hate the culture of football. The arrogance of wide receivers, cornerbacks, and certain quarterbacks.
I hate the speed of the game. I have mentioned before, that speed and strength are ruining this game. I love to watch the old NFL Films from the 50's, 60's and early 70's. I love to see the brawn of the men making tackles back then. They weren't out to kill someone, just make a tackle.
I'm sick and tired of wide receiver and cornerbacks constantly renegotiating their contracts. They are grown men, they made a deal, stick to it.
I will watch more NFL Network and less NFL Live on the Four Letter Network. Give me the real X's and O's, not the overhype the World Wide Leader does.
I plan to read more football blogs. I plan to write more about football. I plan to go to a few games this year.
I'm hoping to fall in love with football again. I miss it.

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