Thursday, July 18, 2013

Flying Blind On The Golf Course

I played a quick round of golf today. On one particular hole, the sun was right in my eyes. I swung as hard as I could. It sounded good, and it felt good.
But I assumed I hit it short. I hit another tee shot. Again, I assumed the worst. So I head straight to the right rough. I find a few lost balls, but none of my tee shot balls. I eventually found the second tee shot ball. I hit it over the green. I declare my first tee shot lost.
As I'm walking up to the green, I find my first tee shot ball, about ten feet short of the hole. I made par.
My point of sharing this is, be confident in your abilities. Don't doubt yourself.
It's very late and I'm watching The British Open at Muirfield. I'm rooting for Phil Mickleson and Rory McElroy.

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