Thursday, June 6, 2013

I Think The Dodgers Found The Cure That Ails Them

The Dodgers went on a lavish spending spree this past off season. They were supposed to be turning the page. They were supposed to be the new model franchise.
They have been a train wreck all season. Injuries have plagued the team. Rumors of Don Mattingly getting fired started around May 1st. He supposedly is too laid back as are the veterans on the team.
Matt Kemp landed on the DL late last week. His replacement is proving to be a big answer to their offensive woes. And the answer was in the minor leagues.
Yasiel Puig will never see the minor leagues again.
He had a great debut againts the Padres. Had an even better second game. He had his first oh-fer tonight. It was bound to happen.
The question now is, what will happen to Andre Eithier?
I think he and Dee Gordon are going to be shipped off someplace.
As I said, Puig will never see the minors again. He's the new hit sensation thats sweeping Dodger Nation. He's putting butts in the seats. He's making the Dodgers relative again.
Welcome to the big leagues Yasiel!

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