Saturday, May 4, 2013

Pitch Patch Potch

A few things on my mind......
Big changes are needed in LA area baseball. Scoiscia and Mattingly are going nowhere with their respective teams. Big investment, very small return.
I think the Golden State Warriors can beat the Spurs. I think the whole Western Conference is up for grabs. Just give the trophy to the Heat already.
I really need to pay attention to the Stanley Cup playoffs. I used to LOVE hockey. Hope I can fall in love with hockey again.
I really enjoyed 42. Great movie. I need to see it again. Harrison Ford deserves his first Oscar nomination for his role as Branch Rickey.
Time for me to focus on soccer football again.
The NFL really takes itself too seriously. Tone it down a bit NFL. Yes football is king in America, but don't flaunt it. The NFL Draft was a joke.
I think Mark Sanchez will end up in Oakland.
That's all for now! Good night to ya my two German readers!

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