Tuesday, April 30, 2013

6 Hours 32 Minutes, 19 Innings and 597 Pitches Later

I got off work at 11:45pm. I got in my car and was gonna listen to sports talk radio. I was surprised to hear the A's were still playing. It takes about 20 minutes for me to get home. The Angels had the game won 8-7 in the bottom of the 15th. Two outs. It takes no more than a minute to get to my car to the house. I turn the TV on expecting to see the post game show. Instead the game is still on, and the A's tied it.
I was able to watch four innings of baseball. The A's defeated the Angels with a walk off homerun from Brandon Moss in the bottom of the 18th inning.
The one thing about the game that amazes me is that Angels catcher Chris Iannetta caught all 19 innings and 297 pitches. And before the walk off, they showed him smiling in the dugout. What a gamer!! I'm sure he earned a day off for his efforts!
During the game ESPN's Buster Olney tweeted that the Angels needed to win this game badly, because of what they are going through. I tweeted him and asked if Angels manager Mike Scoiscia will survive the week. He didn't tweet back, but the Angels are due home Thursday. They play a brief home stand and then go on the road again Sunday night. Baseball decorum goes that if a managing change is needed, it's done at home before a road trip. It's not working in Anaheim. It's been alluded that the Angels players have tuned Scioscia out. So this will be can interesting week for the Angels. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Joba Rules in 1971?

I'm finishing Roger Angell's classic book, 'The Summer Game'. In it he mentions the young pitching sensation for the Oakland A's, Vida Blue. It was mentioned he threw 312 innings in 1971. If a pitcher threw that many innings now, his arm would fall off, and a manager and his pitching coach would be fired!
The most interesting part of the article was that Angell mentions that teams were implimenting pitch counts and some organizations wouldn't allow young pitchers to throw specialty pitches such as the slider until they reached AA.
I just found it interesting that for the time teams were looking into babying pitchers. Back then you finished what you started. Thats how it was back in the day. A pitcher would throw and throw and throw. Nowadays a pitcher doesn't have a bullpen session until a couple days after a start.
Its been said the Yankees ruined Joba Chamberlin by protecting him too much. Then you have a team like the Dodgers who would have pitchers blow their arms out. The Dodgers ruined many a young pitchers career by having them throw too much. I knew a guy who played in their farm system, and he said he was a Jobe Boy. Thats in reference to Dr. Frank Jobe, who perfomed and perfected the art of Tommy John surgery.
I thought limiting innings and pitch counts was a current idea. Looks like it was born forty years ago.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Longest Two Months Of The Year

The NBA playoffs are upon us. I used to love the NBA playoffs. I used to love the NBA. Now not so much. Why you ask? Here's why......
1. It's now a "ME" game, not a team/ "WE" game.
Back in the 80's when I was growing up, the games were more team oriented. Now the games are centered on an individual. The worst offender is Kobe. I grew up a Lakers fan. I stopped rooting for them once he started playing for them. Very selfish when he was young.
2. The Overhype Factor
Lebron, Lebron, Lebron, Melo, Melo, Melo, Dwight Howard, Dwight Howard, Dwight Howard. Need I say more?
3. The Scheduling
It caters to TV, but the playoff series drag on for SO LONG!!!
In another post, I will discuss what contributed to the destruction of the NBA.
As for now, I will be rooting for the OKC Thunder and the San Antonio Spurs in the west, and the Boston Celtics in the east.