Monday, March 4, 2013

Hello From Phoenix, Arizona!

Hello everyone! I'm here at Phoenix Municipal Stadium for my first ever Spring Training game between the Oakland A's againts the Los Angeles Angels of Anahiem in southern California. The gates just opened and game time is in two hours!
Update 6pm
Just got back to the hotel. What a game! The A's demolished the Angels 13-5. The game was reminicent of an old Phoenix Firebirds game at Phoenix Muni in the Pacific Coast League.
The new face of baseball, Mike Trout led the game with a double, confirming that he will be the number one pick in many fantasy drafts across the country.
The A's pitchers looked great throughout the game. Resop looked good, he's a finese pitcher. Sean Doolittle was dealing, he looked great! Struck out the side, eventually striking out four in a row. The big leaguers left about mid way through the game. Then the minor leaguers who will be playing in Sacramento and Salt Lake City entered the game. The lead went back and forth most of the game. Then the A's bats exploded in the 9th. Pitcher Chad Cordero got knocked around as the A's batted around and scored six runs on six very hard hits. I'm sure Mr. Cordero will be in AA this year.
I really liked old Phoenix Muni. Great place to watch a ballgame! I saw first hand the very friendly interaction between the A's players and the fans.
Tomorrow its the Giants versus Indians a few blocks from the hotel in downtown Scottsdale. As for now, I'm ready to hit the town!

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