Friday, March 22, 2013

Another Rule Change

Roger Goodell is killing the NFL. I think the league is dying anyways. Too much science and violence in the game.
To ensure player safety, the league made another rule change. Now you can't use the crown of your helmet when making a tackle. That's the idiots version of the rule. It's far more complex than that.
I think now that players are stronger and faster, they need to be taught a different way to tackle.
Players now are like missiles when going full speed to make a tackle.
What I would do is take away the modern helmet. This will make players tackle different. Go back the old leather helmet.
This will slow the pace of the game down. As I said, science has contributed to the violence. The game used to be about brawn. Now it's about being sleek and speedy. The game is all about who the fastest is. Slow the game down. It's that simple.
The great Pittsburgh Steeler Jack Lambert said someday the quarterback will be wearing a dress with all these rule changes coming about. I don't know about that, but I agree the game is changing too much.
I used to worship and glorify football. I couldn't wait for Sunday. I used to devour the Monday sports page to read about all the games. Now I hate the NFL and all it stands for (Greed $$$$).
I read a quote this morning that got my attention. "I remember football. I used to love it."
Shakesphere couldn't have said it better!

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