Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Tale Of Two Spring Training Cities

I spent most of the day at Scottsdale Stadium yesterday. Very nice place. Beautiful women EVERYWHERE!!! Definitley the younger crowd hangout. Big difference from yesterday. Phoenix Muni seemed like a retirement community.
I couldn't turn around and not almost bump into some one at the Giants game today. Its AT&T Park South. The party place. The hardcore fans were watching the game. The college kids were partying, drinking and mingeling.
Lots of parents with their little ones running around. Festive atmosphere all around.
I'm glad I had the oppurtunity to go to the Spring Training home of both my local teams. The A's seemed very relaxed. They interacted with the fans all day.
The Giants were very business like and very distant with the fans. I guess when you win a World Series, you can act however you want.
During the last two days, I have been asking myself a question over and over. Why haven't I done this before? I'm having the time of my life down here in the Valley of the Sun. Will I come back? Yes I will!
No game report today. It was a great game between the Giants and Indians. Great defensive plays. Three plays at the plate that resulted in outs. I never see that in one year. The Indians won 4-3. It was tied in the ninth. Some minor leaguer who will be in Columbus hit a homer to win the game for the Indians.
Tomorrow I will be watching Team Mexico of the World Baseball Classic take on the L.A. Dodgers at Camelback Ranch.
I'm now sitting at the pool in my hotel enjoying this great weather.
Just had a great dinner at Don and Charlies. I ate a full slab of their world famous ribs. I saw Will Clark eating dinner with long time clubhouse manager Mike Murphy.
Chat with ya tomorrow!

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