Thursday, September 27, 2012

Live Television Is Hard

I made my TV debut last night. I'm told I did pretty good. I just talked about local NFL football, baseball. I wrote my own material and did a couple of rehearsals. Then came the big moment. When I saw the red light go on, I just started doing my bit. I bantered with the host Arty Reyes and co-host Spaceman Stacy. They made me feel at ease. I flubbed my closing remarks. But at least I did it. Next week will be better!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

All Hell Is Breaking Loose In The NFL

Well it looks like the use of replacement refs have already angered a fan base, and possibly affected a teams season. The replacement refs blew a call at the final play of the Packers/Seahawks game last night. The final play was a Hail Mary caught by a Packers defender in the end zone, but ruled a touchdown for Seattle. Even after the review,the refs still got it wrong.
I personally don't mind as I picked Seattle to go to the Super Bowl. The question remains, what is Roger Godell going to do about this? I'm quite sure the real refs will be back to work very soon!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Another Good Reason To Watch AAA Baseball

The New York Mets announced that their AAA affiliate will be in Las Vegas for the 2013 and 2014 seasons.
I like to see teams from the east coast have their teams in the Pacific Coast League. It gives me an opportunity to see their top prospects. Looks like I'll be going to a few River Cats games next year!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Watching Someone Self Destruct On Live TV

I'm watching the US Open Mens final right now. It looks like its going to be a historic match. The sentimental favorite is Andy Murray. He's never won a Grand Slam final before.
Murray won the first two sets. The first set took an hour and a half. The tie break was half an hour.
Now Djokovic is storming back. Hitting strong shots, pumping his fists after winners, getting inside Murray's head.
As I write this, Djokovic is about to tie the match two sets all.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My 2012 NFL Picks

Happy No Fun League kick-off! On my Facebook page I made a bold prediction for the local teams and my Super(over hyped) Bowl pick.
For all you Nor Cal football fans, I think the San Francisco 49ers are going to go 9-7 and barely make the playoffs. The Oakland Raiders are in rebuild mode and will go 8-8. I think good things are about to happen when the Green Bay blueprint will be installed in Oakland.
As for my Super Bowl pick, I say the Baltimore Ravens will meet the Seattle Seahawks. Ladies and gentleman, the Seattle Seahawks will be your Super Bowl champion!
To all my readers out there, may your 2012 season be filled with cold beer, great times and good friends!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I Don't Like This Trend......

I have been watching baseball for thirty years now. As long as I have known, baseball men, professional life long baseball men, run an organization from top to bottom.
Lately thanks to Bill James, Theo Epstien among others, people who have never played an inning of professional baseball, are running baseball teams.
This has been brought up in Moneyball, stat geeks gaining employment in front office jobs.
The Astros just hired a writer/podcaster to be their director of scouting.
I don't like it because life long baseball men who have a feel for the game are not working any more. It used to be the buddy system. "Hey buddy, can I have a job?" Now you need an Ivy League education and a friend or school connection to get your foot in the door.
I don't like it one bit!