Sunday, August 12, 2012

What A Night For My First Soccer Game!

I just came home from one of the biggest games of the year in Major League Soccer. Buck Shaw Stadium in Santa Clara was the site for the San Jose Earthquakes versus the Seattle Sounders.
I have been following soccer on a day to day basis for a year now. I really like what I see on TV. I like the lively atmosphere, the chanting/singing, the continuous flow of action through out the game.
Its nice to see families in team gear walking around. It was a very family friendly enviroment.
I was quite interested in the section behind one of the goals, where the hardcore San Jose followers sat. They sang and cheered the loudest. They waved HUGE flags, threw streamers and confetti every chance they got. They even set of a smoke bomb after the national anthem!
Enough about the action in the stands, the best action was on the field. It was a defensive game for most of the night. Seattle just came off a US Open Cup loss to Sporting Kansas City on Wednesday. They played the backups to start with. Eddie Johnson, Fredy Montero and Mauro Rosales were resting on the bench.
From where I was sitting, I noticed how fast San Jose mid-fielder Marvin Chavez was. He can cover a lot of ground. The player of the game was Steven Lenhart, whose header in the 93rd minute won the game.
I had a great time. I'm looking forward to going back to another game before the seasons over. But next time I'll bring a seat cushion. Buck Shaw is antiquated, so the metal benches were not comfortable. Oh, the scenery was very nice. Lots of beautiful women everywhere!

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