Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Giants Becoming the West Coast Red Sox?

I saw a tweet from Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury News that he wrote an article a few years ago about the Giants becoming a west coast version of the Boston Red Sox.
I don't like the sound of that, but it's true.
I have not read the article, but according to his tweet, he says its about how successfully the team has marketed itself. I agree with that statement. The team does promote themselves very well all because of those two homer announcers Kruk and Kuip. I enjoy listening to them, but its as if they are force feeding orange and black down everyones throat. In between pitches and funny stories the two are always promoting anything and everything about the team. It gets annoying after awhile.
Then there is the panda hats, Melk Men and Melk Maids outfits, the giraffe, the "fear the beard" stuff (thank God the beard thing is slowly dying). It's clever and I get it, but the Giants fans go overboard with those gimmicks.
Then there is the ballpark itself. I have had good and bad experiences there, depending on where your sitting. I love the Club Level. Comfortable and roomy, and short lines for food and drinks. The rest of the place is bad in my opinion. It seems as if they tried to squeeze as many seats as possible in such a small space. Leg room is non existant. I just don't feel comfortable. I have vowed many times I will never go back, but I always do.
The best marketing a team can get is winning the World Series. I say it was the worst thing to happen to the Giants, at least from a real baseball fans perspective. The Giants have become the hot ticket the last few years. This brings out not only the casual fan, but the "fake fan" too. A fake fan is easy to spot. They have all their nice new Giants t-shirt, hats and other orange and black they can get their hands on. They claim to be life long fans. They are loud, obnoxious and have no knowledge of the game. They are there for the party/social aspect of the game. The fake fan is there to be seen by others, not to see a game.
So being popular is good for the Giants now. They are enjoying popularity I have never seen them have before. They are the kings of west coast baseball for now. They are experiencing baseball success the Dodgers used to have.
Enjoy it now Giants fans, it won't last forever.

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