Monday, July 2, 2012

The 10/5 Rule

Carlos Lee rejected a trade to the Dodgers. The Astros are playing for respectability at this point. The Dodgers need power. The Dodgers are fighting to stay afloat in the NL West. It would have been a good trade.
But since Carlos Lee is a 10/5 guy (ten years in the majors, five with the same team), he has the right to veto a trade. The question to ask is, why stay in Houston? Why not be a part of an exciting pennant race?
Rafael Palmero went through this in 2003. The Cubs had a deal in place to acquire Palmero. But he rejected the trade because he was comfortable in Texas.
Who's comfortable with losing? I don't understand it.
I think Carlos Lee rejecting the trade is a blessing in disguise. Why give up a prized pitching prospect for someone who's not interested in winning? Hopefully the Dodgers can make a deal for someone who wants to win.

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