Tuesday, May 1, 2012

English Football

Growing up I was never a soccer fan. Hated playing it in PE. I never understood why my friends played it at the local YMCA league. I had a cousin marry a fella from Mexico who was fanatical about soccer. I would go watch his games with her and find myself bored out of my mind.
I knew who Pele was. Heard stories about Diego Maradonna. I remember my friends being very excited about the '86 World Cup (I think it was played in Mexico). I remember trying to get into the '94 World Cup when it was played here in the States. I even remember the old Bay Area Quakes in the NASL.
So soccer was all around me but I chose to ignore it.
Fast forward all these years later. I'm begining to love soccer. I watch soccer on Fox Soccer channel. Love watching the EPL. I watched a great match yesterday, Manchester United versus Manchester City. Today I  watched Stoke City and Everton.
I love to hear the songs being sung in the crowd, the chants being yelled, the team colors being worn.
Brian Clough said it best. "Football is a beautiful game. It must be played beautifully."

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