Friday, April 27, 2012

Country Club Sox

The other day on my Facebook I posted an open letter to the Red Sox. I said in a round about way that the team is on the verge of being destroyed by Valentines ego, Beckett's lazy work habits, and comfortable fat cats in the clubhouse.
I wrote this days after Valentine called out Youkilis about his work ethic. Pedroia called out Valentine. The team was looking so bad two weeks into the season. I said it was time to get rid of Valentine, Beckett, Crawford and Bard.
Something must have happened in the Sox clubhouse. They swept Minnesota and hit the ball hard. The pitching looked great. Its only been a few games, but it looks like the Sox have turned the page.
I reffered to the Sox as the Country Club Sox because before 1967, Boston was a comfortable place to lose.

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