Thursday, January 26, 2012

What a weird day for baseball....

This past Tuesday was a interesting day in baseball. Moneyball got six Oscar nominations, Tim Lincecum re-upped for two years at $20million per year, Jorge Posasa retired and the Tigers signed Prince Fielder to a nine year contract.
Im hoping Moneyball will at least win an Oscar for Jonah Hill. When I first heard he was gonna be in the movie, I thought he was the wrong choice. After watching the movie, I was wrong. He proved he can act in a dramatic way. I was very impressed!
Tim Lincecum is very interesting. Why won't he sign long term?
Jorge of my favorite Yankees. Very classy of him to retire rather than play in a limited role for another team. I feel he's a Hall of Famer. He was always clutch, called a great game and he was a great team leader. Sad to see the Core Four dwindle down to two.
And finally Prince Fielder. All I can say is Detroit over payed for him and gave him too many years in that contract. They are going to regret the back end of that deal.
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