Monday, December 12, 2011

The fate of my favorite team

I started to follow baseball in 1982. (Wow! Thirty years next year!) The Dodgers won the World Series the year before. I have heard so much about Fernando Valenzuela and Steve Garvey I became a Dodger fan. Don't know how it happened considering I live in Giants and A's country. I then went on to live and die with the Dodgers. I was heartbroken in '83, devastated in '85 (Tom f&@%ing Niedenfuer gave up homers to Jack Clark and Ozzie Smith) and finally died and gone to heaven in '88. Ever since then they have always let me down. I remember reading Thanksgiving morning 1988,when local hero Steve Sax signed with the Yankees. Turkey day ruined. (I would experience heartache the following Monday morning at school when a cute girl named Shirley was holding hands with this guy, just as I was about to ask her out. November of '88 was cruel to me!)
Anyways back to the Dodgers. I remember predicting in the school newspaper that the Dodgers would repeat in '89. The Giants and A's fans at school reminded me all through the playoffs about that bad pick! I swore with Eddie Murray at first base and a healthy Kirk Gibson the Dodgers would be a nightmare to the National League. Turned out the Giants were a nightmare to the Dodgers.
Then came the '90s. Not very many memorable moments to speak of. Well a memorable bad trade when a young Pedro Martinez got traded to the Expos for Delino Deshields.
Then came along slugging catcher Mike Piazza. He was very productive in his years in LA. He was then GIVEN away to the Marlins who then traded him to the Mets a few days later. What led to that trade was when the O'Mally family sold the team to Rupert Murdoch and Fox Broadcast Network. Big shakeup that Labor Day weekend in 1998 as Bill Russell and GM Fred Claire were fired.
Then eventually Murdoch sold the team to the McCourts. We all know what happened with that.
Which brings us to present day. I was thinking this morning how people are quick to throw GM Ned Colleti under the bus. If you think about it hes playing with the cards dealt to him. He doesnt have much to work with. His chips are low. He can't bluff. He can't fold either. He plays poker like me. Kinda just go with the flow and hope to ride the game out a bit.
He hasn't been able to dazzle anyone with his recent signings. He's like a broke, hungry college student. Put this and that together and hopefully make something decent out of what ya got. It may taste good, it may not. Last year was decent. I wonder what this year will taste like? But fear not Dodger fans. A new owner is coming along. Colleti will soon have money to buy better groceries and whip up a feast fit for a king!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Manny reinstated....really?

Why did the powers that be at MLB reinstate this jerk off? He is a symbol of everything that is wrong with baseball.
I never liked that Manny being Manny act in Boston. Didn't care for the Mannywood stuff in LA either.
I never cared for him in general. I have read he's a hard worker, but he doesn't show it on the field.
I just never liked his lazy style of play. So far no team has expressed interest in him. Hopefully no team does.

The balance of power in the AL West

If you haven't already heard, Albert Pujols signed with the Anahiem Angels. (I refuse to call them the LA Angels of Anahiem) The Angels also landed CJ Wilson.
It will be interesting to see Texas and Anahiem fight it out for the division crown all season long.
I think the Angels have one more move to make. What are they gonna do with Kendry Morales? Trade him for relief help? We will wait and see.
If you have been reading my blog lately, you would think I was a Texas Rangers fan. I'm not. They interest me. I'm facinated on how they will respond to being one strike away from a World Series title. They were rather quiet at the winter meetings.
Another team who was quiet at the meetings was the Oakland A's. They made a move yesterday, trading Trevor Cahill to Arizona for prospects. There will be more moves for Oakland. It looks like Andrew Bailey and Gio Gonzales are going to be traded any day now. Also I'm curious were Coco Crisp and Josh Willingham will end up at.
Its gonna be a long, losing season in Oakland in 2012.
I don't know what to say about the Mariners.......
Until next time, have a nice weekend.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Winter meetings week

Im looking forward to a busy week in Dallas. I won't be there, but all of baseball will be!
Lets hope this is the week Albert Pujols will sign with someone so Prince Fielder will make his decision too.
I have always loved the Winter Meetings. Its interesting to see rosters take shape with an addition here, a subtraction there.
I hope there will be some great "I didn't see that coming" trades. Teams don't trade like they used to.
I'm keeping an eye on the Dodgers too. They have made some second tier signings. Nothing to get excited about. A past their prime Adam Kennedy, Mark Ellis and Matt Treanor doesnt have me thinking World Series. It looks like their trying to build a decent pitching staff with the signings of Chris Capuano and Aaron Harang.
Im hoping the Rangers will sign Mark Buhrle. I think he will be a great fit for that young pitching staff. He can ve a veteran leader the fellas can turn to for guidance and show them how to win. Yes that young pitching staff been to the World Series two years in a row, I think they need that little extra push to get them over the top.