Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hot Stove is heating up. Lets me be a GM for a day...

Hello everyone. Took a break after the World Series. Now that the winter hot stove is heating up, here's what I would do if I were a GM. I think the Texas Rangers will be big players in free agency. I think Prince Fielder will sign with the, thus making Mitch Moreland expendable. Now on MLB Network, the fellas say Josh Hamilton needs to be moved. What I would do, I would trade Hamilton, Moreland and a minor league catcher to the Dodgers for Matt Loney, Todd Billingsly and Andre Either. I think it will benefit both clubs. Then if I were Jon Daniels, I would re-sign CJ Wilson. Wilson wants front line starter money at six years and $20million per year. Good luck getting that pal. Now if I were Marlins ownerJeffrey Loria, I would give Albert Pujols a blank check and tell him to fill in the blank. I would tell him a new begining is about to happen in Miami. New stadium, new manager, new uniforms. I would tell Albert, join us on this journey. You have done all you can do in St. Louis, do it here now. Thats all for now. Next post will be about who I think the Red Sox and Cubs should hire as they're new managers.

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