Thursday, October 20, 2011

Im giving blogging another try

Hello everyone. I had a blog on Sports Illustrated blog page and I bored myself with what I wrote.I think I tried too hard. Now I will just say what I want whenever I feel like it. That being said, earlier tonight was Game 1 of the World Series. I figured it would come down to the bullpens. I also figured La Russa would micro manage the game. I predicted Texas will win the Series, but never underestimate a Tony La Russa ballclub. Can't say much because I forgot to Tivo the game. My thoughts coming into tonights game was the Rangers/Cardinals have only played each other once. This was in 2004. I read La Russa analyized the games and woll use the information for the World Series. It doesn't make sense to me, since both teams were very different seven years ago. Another item that caught my interest is Arthur Rhodes will win a ring regardless who wins the series. He was a member of the Rangers before being released in August. Kinda similar to last year when Bengie Molina won a ring while being on the losing Texas Rangers team last year. He was a member of the Giants before Buster Posey took his job.
I would like to see Ron Washington lead the Rangers to a Series win. He should have got the job in Oakland a few years ago. But things happen for a reason right? Its getting late, until next time, good night!

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