Monday, December 12, 2011

The fate of my favorite team

I started to follow baseball in 1982. (Wow! Thirty years next year!) The Dodgers won the World Series the year before. I have heard so much about Fernando Valenzuela and Steve Garvey I became a Dodger fan. Don't know how it happened considering I live in Giants and A's country. I then went on to live and die with the Dodgers. I was heartbroken in '83, devastated in '85 (Tom f&@%ing Niedenfuer gave up homers to Jack Clark and Ozzie Smith) and finally died and gone to heaven in '88. Ever since then they have always let me down. I remember reading Thanksgiving morning 1988,when local hero Steve Sax signed with the Yankees. Turkey day ruined. (I would experience heartache the following Monday morning at school when a cute girl named Shirley was holding hands with this guy, just as I was about to ask her out. November of '88 was cruel to me!)
Anyways back to the Dodgers. I remember predicting in the school newspaper that the Dodgers would repeat in '89. The Giants and A's fans at school reminded me all through the playoffs about that bad pick! I swore with Eddie Murray at first base and a healthy Kirk Gibson the Dodgers would be a nightmare to the National League. Turned out the Giants were a nightmare to the Dodgers.
Then came the '90s. Not very many memorable moments to speak of. Well a memorable bad trade when a young Pedro Martinez got traded to the Expos for Delino Deshields.
Then came along slugging catcher Mike Piazza. He was very productive in his years in LA. He was then GIVEN away to the Marlins who then traded him to the Mets a few days later. What led to that trade was when the O'Mally family sold the team to Rupert Murdoch and Fox Broadcast Network. Big shakeup that Labor Day weekend in 1998 as Bill Russell and GM Fred Claire were fired.
Then eventually Murdoch sold the team to the McCourts. We all know what happened with that.
Which brings us to present day. I was thinking this morning how people are quick to throw GM Ned Colleti under the bus. If you think about it hes playing with the cards dealt to him. He doesnt have much to work with. His chips are low. He can't bluff. He can't fold either. He plays poker like me. Kinda just go with the flow and hope to ride the game out a bit.
He hasn't been able to dazzle anyone with his recent signings. He's like a broke, hungry college student. Put this and that together and hopefully make something decent out of what ya got. It may taste good, it may not. Last year was decent. I wonder what this year will taste like? But fear not Dodger fans. A new owner is coming along. Colleti will soon have money to buy better groceries and whip up a feast fit for a king!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Manny reinstated....really?

Why did the powers that be at MLB reinstate this jerk off? He is a symbol of everything that is wrong with baseball.
I never liked that Manny being Manny act in Boston. Didn't care for the Mannywood stuff in LA either.
I never cared for him in general. I have read he's a hard worker, but he doesn't show it on the field.
I just never liked his lazy style of play. So far no team has expressed interest in him. Hopefully no team does.

The balance of power in the AL West

If you haven't already heard, Albert Pujols signed with the Anahiem Angels. (I refuse to call them the LA Angels of Anahiem) The Angels also landed CJ Wilson.
It will be interesting to see Texas and Anahiem fight it out for the division crown all season long.
I think the Angels have one more move to make. What are they gonna do with Kendry Morales? Trade him for relief help? We will wait and see.
If you have been reading my blog lately, you would think I was a Texas Rangers fan. I'm not. They interest me. I'm facinated on how they will respond to being one strike away from a World Series title. They were rather quiet at the winter meetings.
Another team who was quiet at the meetings was the Oakland A's. They made a move yesterday, trading Trevor Cahill to Arizona for prospects. There will be more moves for Oakland. It looks like Andrew Bailey and Gio Gonzales are going to be traded any day now. Also I'm curious were Coco Crisp and Josh Willingham will end up at.
Its gonna be a long, losing season in Oakland in 2012.
I don't know what to say about the Mariners.......
Until next time, have a nice weekend.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Winter meetings week

Im looking forward to a busy week in Dallas. I won't be there, but all of baseball will be!
Lets hope this is the week Albert Pujols will sign with someone so Prince Fielder will make his decision too.
I have always loved the Winter Meetings. Its interesting to see rosters take shape with an addition here, a subtraction there.
I hope there will be some great "I didn't see that coming" trades. Teams don't trade like they used to.
I'm keeping an eye on the Dodgers too. They have made some second tier signings. Nothing to get excited about. A past their prime Adam Kennedy, Mark Ellis and Matt Treanor doesnt have me thinking World Series. It looks like their trying to build a decent pitching staff with the signings of Chris Capuano and Aaron Harang.
Im hoping the Rangers will sign Mark Buhrle. I think he will be a great fit for that young pitching staff. He can ve a veteran leader the fellas can turn to for guidance and show them how to win. Yes that young pitching staff been to the World Series two years in a row, I think they need that little extra push to get them over the top.

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Red Sox manager should be........

The Boston Red Sox have the perfect candidate for the managers job, and he's not goibg to get an interview. Jason Varitek should be the next manager for Boston. He has exceptional leadership qualities. He knows the team very well. I think he should be a player-manager. He would be embraced by the fans and the Boston media. He would be perfect! As of today, it looks like Bobby Valentine is being highly considered for the job. He would be better suited for a managing job rather than a talking head on ESPN.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hot Stove is heating up. Lets me be a GM for a day...

Hello everyone. Took a break after the World Series. Now that the winter hot stove is heating up, here's what I would do if I were a GM. I think the Texas Rangers will be big players in free agency. I think Prince Fielder will sign with the, thus making Mitch Moreland expendable. Now on MLB Network, the fellas say Josh Hamilton needs to be moved. What I would do, I would trade Hamilton, Moreland and a minor league catcher to the Dodgers for Matt Loney, Todd Billingsly and Andre Either. I think it will benefit both clubs. Then if I were Jon Daniels, I would re-sign CJ Wilson. Wilson wants front line starter money at six years and $20million per year. Good luck getting that pal. Now if I were Marlins ownerJeffrey Loria, I would give Albert Pujols a blank check and tell him to fill in the blank. I would tell him a new begining is about to happen in Miami. New stadium, new manager, new uniforms. I would tell Albert, join us on this journey. You have done all you can do in St. Louis, do it here now. Thats all for now. Next post will be about who I think the Red Sox and Cubs should hire as they're new managers.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

What a finish!

Wow, it looks like I nailed it when I said there would be some game six magic. Its being hailed as one of the greatest games ever. We all know what happened. I just can't get over the fact that that the Rangers were within one strike of winning the World Series not ONCE, but TWICE!! During Berkman's at bat, I wasn't wearing my glasses. When Berkman got his hit, I thought he swung and missed. I jumped up and yelled, "Yes!" Then I saw the ball land for a hit. The Cardinals wouldn't roll over and play dead. The game was just so intense. It was pure torture. I really wanted the Rangers to win. After the Freese homer, I got to thinking how it must have been in the Rangers clubhouse. Probably very quiet. What can you say? That loss definitly took the wind out of the Rangers sails. It must have been devestating. How do you shake off a loss like that? We all know what happened in game seven. After the game, Buck and McCarver spoke of how the Rangers are a great team and they will be back most likely for years to come. Easier said then done. The season is a grind. Spring training, a 162 game season, then if your lucky you make the postseason. Then you play the most pressure packed games in about a months time. Its not that easy. The Rangers time was NOW!! After the game, I got to thinking what was going through the minds of the Rangers players. I bet it was a quiet plane ride back to Texas. I wonder how long the guys will think about it before they just forget about it and move on? I wonder how Ron Washington and his staff will take the time to absorb the shock of defeat, forget about it, and plan for 2012? Life goes on.........and so will the Rangers. Thats why I love the game. You win some, you lose some.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Game Six magic

I was looking forward to some baseball yesterday. I thought that the momentum of the moment was gonna benefit the Rangers. But thanks to the rain delay, the Cardinals have a well rested bullpen thus giving Tony La Russa another weapon in his arsenal. The fellas on MLB Network mentioned the Cardinals may use Chris Carpenter on three days rest if needed for game seven. Hopefully the Rangers will come out swinging and win tonight. The Rangers do not want to allow Tony LaRussa and the Cardinals another chance to beat them, because in most cases they will beat you.
Tonights game is a game six. Historically something magical happens in game six of the World Series. Reggie Jackson three homer game in '77. 1986. And of course the greatest game of all time, the Carlton Fisk game in 1975.
Enjoy the game tonight. Go Rangers!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What's Tony La Russa thinking?

The genius manager blames the dugout phones and crowd noise for last nights blunder. I wonder what really happened. He has been a major league manager for thirty-three years now. I'm sure he's managed in louder places over the years, but this is the first time he's had issues with crowd noise interfering with decision making? Why doesn't he just admit he made a bad decision? I respect him for not throwing Derek Lilliquist under the bus. Lilliquist had a difficult time hearing the instructions. I will have to watch the game, but I read La Russa's reactions to the miscommunication was comical. I will write more later, enjoy the day!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Texas wins

Good to see the Rangers win one. I think La Russa over used his bullpen tonight. Something tells me he's gonna wear out his bullpen. But then again, Friday is a travel day, so his pitchers will enjoy one day of rest. Its late and I'm exhausted. Good night!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Im giving blogging another try

Hello everyone. I had a blog on Sports Illustrated blog page and I bored myself with what I wrote.I think I tried too hard. Now I will just say what I want whenever I feel like it. That being said, earlier tonight was Game 1 of the World Series. I figured it would come down to the bullpens. I also figured La Russa would micro manage the game. I predicted Texas will win the Series, but never underestimate a Tony La Russa ballclub. Can't say much because I forgot to Tivo the game. My thoughts coming into tonights game was the Rangers/Cardinals have only played each other once. This was in 2004. I read La Russa analyized the games and woll use the information for the World Series. It doesn't make sense to me, since both teams were very different seven years ago. Another item that caught my interest is Arthur Rhodes will win a ring regardless who wins the series. He was a member of the Rangers before being released in August. Kinda similar to last year when Bengie Molina won a ring while being on the losing Texas Rangers team last year. He was a member of the Giants before Buster Posey took his job.
I would like to see Ron Washington lead the Rangers to a Series win. He should have got the job in Oakland a few years ago. But things happen for a reason right? Its getting late, until next time, good night!